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The Royal Inn Regent Gera
Schülerstreet 22
07545 Gera
Telephone: +49 (0) 365-9181-0Telefax: +49 (0) 365-9181-100E-Mail:


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A view on Gera

Gera lies in the eastern Thuringia in a picturesque landscape of undulating hills.

On the shores of the Weiße Elster river lies a thousand years of history - and many sights waiting to be explored. A visit to the Jugendstiltheater - constructed in Art Deco - should always be on your agenda - as is a short detour into the centre of Gera .

Many Museums and historic attractions await you. Otto Dix, the famed artist saw 1891 the light of our world on Untermhäuser Mohrenplatz - making his birthouse, the Otto-Dix Haus a historic must. In this area you will encounter splendid city mansions, walk across the historic Marktplatz and are able to view the Salvatorkirche.

Or you could go underground - and pay a visit to the cavernous former beer-storage cellars - the Höhler.